Altoros Assists in Sun Microsystems Panel on Java UI Automated Testing

Alex Khizhniak

On June 2, 2009, the round table on Java UI Automated Testing was held by Sun Microsystems during the WebConf-09 conference with the assistance of Altoros, a global software delivery acceleration specialist. Alexandre Iline (Sun Microsystems, Russia), together with select experts from the Belarus Java User Group, discussed the main challenges that occur during the automation of Java application interface testing. Throughout the meeting, Alexandre actively shared the experience he has gained working on such popular Java projects as NetBeans, JavaFX Designer, and Java Store.


During the two-hour session, participants exchanged their opinions on why to automate testing, what tools to use, what the specifics of UI testing are, and how to create a testing suite. Alexandre also discussed the metrics that may be used to evaluate the quality of an application’s performance and the efficiency of testing. After that, he delivered an overview of Jemmy, the library that can perform testing right from the Java code and which provides the API straight-forward access to the Java IU. After the meeting, JUG experts and the most active participants were given souvenirs from Sun Microsystems.

“Despite it being our first round table, the meeting proved to be useful for both our User Group members and our special guest from St. Petersburg,” said Alex Khizhnyak, the press coordinator of the event and Belarus Java User Group. “As Alexandre Iline mentioned, he had a chance to learn about complex situations he’d never faced before, so he promised to employ the panel’s format for his future presentations. I believe we’ll be able to hold our next Java developer meetings in the same interactive manner as this one, too.”

Other photos form the panel
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