Altoros Helped NephoScale to Implement a PaaS Based on Cloud Foundry

Volha Kurylionak

logoBased on Cloud Foundry v2.0, the new Platform-as-a-Service provides developers with advanced features for fast and simple testing, deployment, and scaling of applications in the cloud.

Altoros assisted NephoScale, a technology leader in public and private cloud hosting, in extending their IaaS services with CloudPaaS, an innovative PaaS offering based on Cloud Foundry 2.0. The release was announced today at the platformCF conference.

The beta version provides developers with an automated infrastructure, various frameworks, and application services for simple and fast deployment/testing/scaling of applications in the cloud. The PaaS almost completely eliminates the need to manage infrastructure or develop/support middleware. Additionally, there are advanced tools for easy migration of apps to the cloud without changing the code. This results in considerably shorter release cycles and much faster time-to-market.

“In the development of CloudPaaS, NephoScale chose to partner with Altoros, a leading Cloud Foundry systems integrator and consulting firm,” said Bruce Templeton, CEO of NephoScale. “Looking beyond this Beta release, developers will appreciate the flexibility and ease-of-use of our public on-demand version of CloudPaaS and enterprises will find enormous value in our private version. NephoScale’s CloudPaaS will be one of the industry’s first fully managed, 24/7 supported, SLA-backed private PaaS offerings based on Cloud Foundry 2.0,” he added.

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