Altoros Invited Dave Nielsen to Hold the First CloudCamp in Eastern Europe

Alena Vasilenko

On April 7, 2012, Dave Nielsen, a co-founder of CloudCamp movement who assisted in organizing more than 200 “unconferences” around the world, came to Minsk (Belarus) and brought cloud movement to Eastern Europe. Although, the so-called unconferences are very popular in the USA and Western Europe, cloud advocates from Eastern region didn’t have a chance to try a new format so far and, finally, they’ve been lucky.

The spacious room could hardly seat all the attendees who are passionate about cloud computing. The conference featured leading engineers from Microsoft Russia, Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Ciklum, HP who shared their experience in working with particular cloud systems, defined the problems they faced, explained how they overcame them, and highlighted the benefits they got from using cloud solutions.

Dave says, cloud computing is OSSM (awesome), which stands for on-demand, self-service, scalable, and measurable. We do agree with him!

More and more questions appeared on the white boards for unpanel discussion. Thanks to the open format of the conference, the participants were free to ask about everything. They selected the topics they wanted to be discussed and wrote down the questions for the experts.

Some participants took a chance to talk to Dave Nielsen (whose “alternative name” is Mr. Cloud), who willingly shared his opinion on cloud trends, perspectives, some good practices, and successful cases.

During the Breakout Sessions, the participants could get additional information on the issues that still seemed unclear to them. The unconference format helps to break the barrier between the speakers and attendants and encourages a more fruitful cooperation.

We’re there! You might already know these guys :).

When all the sessions were over, questions were answered, and ideas were discussed, the after-party started. Why not to try the image of a brave boxer if everything you need for it is just a console and good company around.

The band set the mood and everybody could demonstrate a dancing talent. Or the lack of it :). Anyway it was funny.

Can you imagine a developer who doesn’t like beer? We have failed as well, so traditional beer time became a vital part of the event.

Finally, the sponsors of the event presented a photo camera to the winner of the lottery.

The first CloudCamp in Eastern Europe proved that informal communication and the possibility to talk to experts face-to-face leads to more efficient knowledge transfer.

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