Altoros Was Invited as a Mentor to the Two-Day Workshop at L.A. Ruby Conference

Alena Vasilenko

On February 21, L.A. Ruby conference started with a two-day workshop. What is extremely good about this event is that here the participants could not only get some theoretical knowledge but practice new tools under the mentoring of more experienced colleagues. Juan Pablo Genovese, a Ruby developer at Altoros Argentina, arrived to the Holiday Inn Media Center in Burbank, California, where the workshop took place on Thursday morning. As a mentor, he helped the attendees to try A/B testing methods, as well as such tools as Goliath, Httperf and JMeter. As Juan Pablo commented everything that was going on “We were learning how to test your Web app to death”.

On February 22, the participants could attend a free workshop organized by RailsBridge, a non-for-profit organization that contributes into diversity of Ruby community. This organization helps groups of people that are underrepresented in the community to master Ruby to build a well-balanced Ruby world. Juan Pablo was invited as a mentor to share his rich experience.

This time the workshop was targeted at ladies. The only way for a guy to get there was—to bring a woman, who wants to learn Ruby. “When we started, most of the ladies could not write any single line of Ruby code”, Juan Pablo said, “but by the end of the day, together we have managed to develop a Ruby on Rails-based application, test it, and deploy it to Heroku. Pretty impressive”!

Juan Pablo liked the idea of such educating events so much that he decided to organize something of that kind in Argentina. As usually, the end of the event was celebrated with beers, clinking to Ruby prosperity.

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