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Performance Comparison of Ruby Frameworks: Sinatra, Padrino, Goliath, and Ruby on Rails

Eugene Melnikov


The main goal of this article was to find the best framework for a very basic but highly loaded Ruby application. This is the updated version of the comparison that was first posted in Jun 2013. Now we ran all the tests again, using the latest versions of Sinatra, Padrino, Goliath, and RoR. Unfortunately, the Espresso framework that we had tested last time disappeared from all the repositories, so it is no longer included.



How to Run Capybara Tests for Ruby Applications in Remote Browsers

Eugene Melnikov


Do you have concerns about how your Ruby application works in Internet Explorer? Do you believe that checking for bugs by emulating previous versions with different modes is enough? Even if you skip some legacy versions, you can still face problems with lack of support for the JSON format, HTML5 tags, or ECMAScript, limitations for CSS selectors, and many other issues that cannot be detected by just changing browser mode. In fact, there are a lot of bugs that can only be reproduced on certain platforms and browsers.

To find such problems, I suggest you run your Capybara tests in remote browsers. Read this post on my GitHub page to find out how. I provide step-by-step instructions on how to use virtual machines and BrowserStack along with code that you can copy-paste to save time.

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Which Ruby Framework Is Faster, Sinatra, Espresso, Padrino, Goliath, or Ruby on Rails?..

Eugene Melnikov

There are a number of Ruby frameworks that allow for creating amazing feature-rich applications. However, very often you need some simple functionality and your main goal is to ensure the fastest performance possible. I decided to compare performance of the basic applications that were created with Sinatra, Espresso, Padrino, Goliath, and Ruby on Rails to find out which framework is the fastest one.

See all 4 tables with the performance tests on our Github blog.

Updated: The new version of this performance comparison was released on Feb 7, 2014.

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NewSQL News Summary: May 2013

Eugene Melnikov

Here is our brief overview of the main NewSQL news for May 2013. This news summary was prepared by the R&D team of Altoros.


  • “Clustrix 5.0 to offer 50x better performance than legacy DBs on AWS”
  • “VoltDB to improve efficiency of Shopzilla’s services”
  • “VoltDB became a finalist of the 2013 Innovation Showcase”
  • “NuoDB 1.1 is now available to AWS users”
  • “NuoDB introduces its new Developer Center Web site”
  • “Protheus ERP offers a new database option”
  • “TransLattice will be available on both AWS and Dell’s IaaS service”


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