Hosting a Big Data Meetup: Hadoop on Windows Azure from Microsoft First-hand

Volha Kurylionak

On September 25-26, Altoros hosted Big Data Dive ’13, an annual meetup for developers, R&D specialists, and system architects who work with massive amounts of data. Our R&D team and a special guest from Microsoft shared their hands-on experience in Hadoop, NoSQL, Windows Azure, and other big data/cloud technologies.


The agenda included sessions on practical aspects of big data storage and processing:

  • “NoSQL Benchmarking v2.0. Evaluating Performance of Modern NoSQL Solutions.” Following our NoSQL database benchmark (Oct 2012), Dmitriy Kalyada of Altoros presented preliminary results of our new research. The study evaluated new versions of major NoSQL DBs on infrastructure provided by our partner Lunacloud–thanks to them for their support! The final performance data will be released next month.


  • NoSQL Databases and Polyglot Persistence” by Sergey Kovaliov, Senior Java Developer at Altoros
  • “Review of Hadoop Distributions. Tuning Performance Bottlenecks in Hadoop” by Aleksey Diomin, Senior R&D Engineer at Altoros
  • “Using GPUs in MapReduce Distributed Computing (Hadoop)” by Vladimir Starostenkov, R&D Engineer at Altoros, a presentation based on his previous research


  • “Analysis and Pre-processing of Big Data Before Implementing Machine Learning Methods,” a session by Sofia Parfenovich, our Data Scientist. In a week, we are planning to publish the final results of her new research in a detailed white paper and a blog post. Learn more about pre-processing big data from Sofia’s guest post at the official blog of Hortonworks.
  • “Hadoop on Windows Azure Cloud” by Alexey Bokov, a Windows Azure Evangelist at Microsoft. This presentation somehow correlates with our recent study, by the way.


 Alexey Bokov, a Windows Azure Evangelist at Microsoft


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