Big Data in Denmark: Notes from IT Messe 2013

Alex Khizhniak

Although the big data market in Denmark is still young now, it is definitely growing.

On Oct 9–10, the IT Messe conference attracted 40+ exhibitors and ~500 attendees to the Horsens city. At the event, Kim Jonassen, our Managing Director Denmark, spoke on the state of big data in Denmark. He overviewed the type of systems and companies that struggle with big data and also explained how distributed processing, NoSQL data stores, and other tools address these issues.


According to Kim, the major obstacle to adopting big data technologies is the meaning of the big data term itself, which is rather blurred. Very few people know what is really under the hood.


Despite the fact, lively debates at IT Messe and GOTOaar—a similar notable IT event—demonstrate that there will be more of Hadoop, NoSQL, and cloud in Denmark very soon. Tech people from Cloudera, Datastax, Red Hat, Pivotal, and other cloud/PaaS companies visit European IT conferences on a regular basis. (In particular, it was a pleasure to meet Andy Piper of the US-based Cloud Foundry team among them recently.)


At the end of the session, Kim explained how Altoros helped Galtronics to cope with huge amounts of data. Read about the project here.


Coming next is our Cloud Expo session on how to build you own private PaaS with Cloud Foundry (Nov 4-7, Santa Clara, CA).


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