Bob Wiederhold of Couchbase Speaks About New Features of the 2.0 Release and Comments on NoSQL Trends

Alena Vasilenko

NoSQL Now! is a conference that attracts NoSQL users and vendors. Couchbase, Altoros’s partner and customer, couldn’t avoid this event and joined the community. People in the IT field still feel embarrassed by a great variety of NoSQL products in the market. Most companies tend to exaggerate the merits and disregard the disadvantages of their solutions. Bob Wiederhold, President and Chief Executive Officer, Couchbase, agreed to shed some light on the situation and gave an interview to Zen Kishimoto, Green IT advocate at Alta Terra. Bob honestly told about strong and weak sides of Couchbase and commented on the trends in the mainstream.

Couchbase is the result of a successful merge of Membase and Couchone. In this interview, you will discover what database type Couchbase will become after the 2.0 release and will learn what programming language was chosen to increase performance of the product. In addition, Bob revealed what improvements are being made to overcome the greatest disadvantage of Couchbase.

Bob Wiederhold, President and Chief Executive Officer, Couchbase. The source:

That was also useful that Bob tried to differentiate the current NoSQL market and emphasized two main groups of products according to their functions: real-time operational and batch-oriented analytics solutions. In the full version of the article you’ll see what databases belong to each group and what tasks they help to solve. Also you’ll see a table showing Bob’s predictions on the role and market niche size of the most popular database types.

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