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Juan Pablo Genovese


Altoros is bringing its knowledge to the biggest and greatest event of the Cloud Foundry community: the Cloud Foundry Summit in Santa Clara, CA. Thousands of attendees get together every year to share their experience, as well as learn, connect, and discuss Cloud Foundry and DevOps in general.

This year, three training sessions will be held, explaining how to deploy and manage Cloud Foundry, go cloud-native with microservices-based architectures, operate the platform with BOSH, etc. The training will be conducted by qualified instructors from Altoros, Pivotal, and Stark & Wayne—the companies that work with these tools on a daily basis. Read the details below.

Cloud Foundry for Beginners: from Zero to Hero

Main topics of this session:

  • Deploying and managing applications on Cloud Foundry
  • Managing services and buildpacks
  • A dive into Cloud Foundry’s architecture
  • How to work with Cloud Foundry within your organization

Instructors: John Longanecker and Long Nguyen of Stark & Wayne. See the details.

hands-on-trainings-at-the-cloud-foundry-summit-2016-v2Photo from our training held during the Cloud Foundry Summit 2015



Microservices on Cloud Foundry: Going Cloud-native


  • Designing Cloud Foundry-ready applications
  • Cloud Foundry tools from the developer’s perspective
  • How to architect, deploy, and scale polyglot apps in the cloud

Instructor: Steve Greenberg of Pivotal. Check out the agenda.


Operating a Platform: BOSH and Everything Else

Brief agenda:

  • How to deploy and manage Cloud Foundry and the stateful data services that power cloud-native apps
  • The operational overview of Cloud Foundry and data services
  • Using BOSH to deploy and manage data services

cloud-foundry-trainings-at-the-cloiud-foundry-summit-2016Photo from our training held during the Cloud Foundry Summit 2015


This one will be conducted by the instructors who are part of the awesome Cloud Foundry team at Altoros:

  • Michael Jacobi, Principal System Architect
  • Sergey Matyukevich, Cloud Foundry Engineer and Go Developer
  • Alexander Lomov, Cloud Foundry Engineer
  • Alexey Zakharov, Cloud Foundry / DevOps Engineer
  • Juan Pablo Genovese, Field Cloud Foundry Engineer

The training will be interactive at large, with the students getting their hands on the keyboard from the outset. Visit this CF Summit page to learn more about the speakers and the agenda of the training.


How did it go before?

Altoros has recently conducted a one-day BOSH and Cloud Foundry training at the OpenStack Summit 2016 in Austin, TX. Read this recap of the training session to learn how it went. Or, watch this video recorded right after the training held at the previous Cloud Foundry Summit.


Get your hands dirty and start taking advantage of everything that Cloud Foundry and BOSH have to offer. Check out the program and register now. We hope to see you there!

About the authors:

Juan Pablo Genovese is a Field Cloud Foundry Engineer at Altoros. He has been developing software for 19 years, and as a Jack of All Trades, has also been into DevOps work. Juan Pablo is focused on training new DevOps at Altoros and identifying the needs of the community. His professional interests include high performance / high availability solutions with cloud technologies, as well as designing architectures that meet customer expectations.

Alex Khizhnyak is Director of Technical Evangelism at Altoros and a co-founder of Belarus Java User Group. Since 1998, he has gained experience as a journalist, editor, IT blogger, tech writer, and meetup organizer. Alex is digging into big data, DBs, IoT, data science, and performance optimization. His publications at TechRepublic, ebizQ, NetworkWorld, and DZone reached out to hundreds of thousands of readers.

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