Cloud Platform Comparison: CloudStack, Eucalyptus, vCloud Director, and OpenStack

Vadim Truksha

Cloud computing remains one of the hottest topics in IT today given the promise of greatly improved efficiencies, significant cost savings, scalable infrastructure and high performance and secured data storage.

Choosing the appropriate cloud platform, however, can be difficult. They all have pros and cons. So, when a customer asked me and my colleagues what would be the best cloud platform for his project and why, we decided to take a deep look at the most notable systems available, compare their capabilities, and summarize the findings in a product-by-product table. We tested CloudStack, Eucalyptus, vCloud Director, and OpenStack.

cloup platforms compared

The goal of this independent comparison is to help you align your business requirements with the capabilities of a particular cloud system and—finally—select the best-fit product. Read the full text of the article in NetworkWorld. Feel free to send me your feedback.

  • Vikentsi

    Thanks for great research.

    As a cloud specialist I want add some pro about Eucalyptus and OpenStack cloud platforms,
    You test Eucalyptus under CentOS distribution, but it have better integration in Ubuntu distribution, good start point is It is easy to install from distribution.
    Management Console offered by two projects Aeolus and Scalr. It already supports Eucalyptus and other cloud platforms.

    OpenStack supports not only Xen, and KVM but also LXC, QEMU, UML, VMWare ESX/ESXi 4.1, XCP.

    • Vikentsi,

      Thanks for your input on Eucalyptus.

      As far as the hypervisors supported by Openstack are concerned, only XEN and KVM are supported at a quality level. The rest can be generally only used for development purposes.
      Here is a link to the features matrix

  • Pierre-Luc Bisaillon

    Thanks for the great research. Generally agree with your findings. We build and manage clouds for our customers based on CloudStack today. We love competition (the customer always wins) and keep an eye on all the platforms. But if you’re looking for a production deployment on an open-source platform, CloudStack seems to be the winner for now. We also like the flexibility in VM’s supporting, including bare metal

    Of course as you suggest if you are a VmWare shop and money is no object, then certainly vCloud Director is a good offering.

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