Data Visualization Tools: Flot vs. Highcharts vs. D3.js

Igor Zalutsky

Today’s Web applications deal with massive data sets that require high-performance systems for processing and analysis. However, information becomes even more valuable, if you can efficiently visualize it.

We have prepared a comparison of three wide-spread but very different JavaScript libraries to see how they cope with big data and real-time visualization. The libraries were selected based on popularity, performance, implementation approach, and relevance:

1)    Flot, an open source jQuery plug-in designed for drawing diagrams in Canvas
2)    Highcharts, one of the most popular proprietary libraries
3)    D3.js, a large open-source framework for data visualization

Below is a brief comparative table that will give you a general idea of what big data and real-time visualization capabilities you can expect from these three tools.flot vs. highcharts altoros

Download this document to get a more detailed comparison of Flot, Highcharts, and D3.js with 16 sample diagrams, a vendor-independent overview, as well as information on required code size, platform support, etc.

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