Introducing Our R&D Team and Innovative Technology BarCamps

Alex Khizhniak
Kirill Grigorchuk

Kirill Grigorchuk,
Head of R&D

Recently, we’ve created the Research & Development department within Altoros to keep track of the latest technologies available on the market. The main goal of the department is to learn how projects can be developed faster, better, more effectively, and more efficiently.

The team of the highly skilled developers across different technologies (Ruby, Java/NoSQL, etc.) investigate the trends and share their ideas on the tools/frameworks they tried and the results they achieved.

As part of these R&D activities, we regularly hold barcamps within Altoros to help developers stay on the cutting edge: they share their experience and ideas, discuss challenging tasks and implemented solutions, make reports, etc. In addition, our R&D department actively involved and takes part in organizing and sponsoring industry conferences and IT events, as well as holds own meetups and hackathons.

We do believe that our R&D team will help us find new promising technologies/approaches for our customers and suggest new solutions even before some of these technologies become a trend among your competitors.

Learn more about R&D department at Altoros here.

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