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8 Pro Tips for Using Concourse CI with Cloud Foundry

Alexander Lomov


There are at least a dozen continuous integration solutions out there, but the majority of them are challenging to learn, scale, and debug. Most importantly, few of them were designed with pipelines in mind. Not able to find a tool that could handle something as massive and complex as Cloud Foundry, Pivotal decided to write their own. This resulted in Concourse CI, a user-friendly continuous delivery technology that focuses on pipelines, is easy to scale, runs anywhere, and works with anything.

From this post, you will learn how Concourse CI differs from other similar products, how it works, and how it can help you to “nitrocharge” your own projects.



Cloud Foundry Containers: Warden, Docker, and Garden

Maksim Zhylinski


Warden is a container implementation currently used in Cloud Foundry. At the same time, Docker is another option to easily and efficiently manage containers. That’s why a lot has been made to enable Docker in the Diego runtime.

Here, I briefly compare Warden and Docker: their implementation, what makes them alike/different, and how they’ll work together in Garden—the new container back end that will become available in Diego.



Are Diego and Docker Really Good Friends?

Lev Berman


Support for Docker is one of the main advantages of Cloud Foundry Diego, but how far does this compatibility go? Is it possible to push an arbitrary image from the Docker Hub to Diego and, if not, what are the constraints? What’s going to change in the future? Finally, why should anyone want to use Diego with Docker at all?

In this post, I’ll answer all of these questions, as well as show how to customize and push the official Redis image and demonstrate how to turn it into a simple service to be consumed by other apps.



How to Deploy Hadoop Using Docker Containers

Renat Khasanshyn

Docker Hadoop Meetup Jan 06

At one of our recent meetups, Nasser Manesh of Altiscale shared his experience with deploying multi-tenant Hadoop clusters using Docker. The talk covered the differences between containers and VMs, as well as addressed typical issues with containers, configuration, monitoring, troubleshooting, etc.

Dan Lorenc of Google explained when, why, and how to adopt Docker within your organization.


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PaaS News Summary: January 2014

Volha Kurylionak

In this brief overview, we’ve gathered Top 10 Platform-as-a-Service news for Jan 2014.


  1. Gartner Released Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Application Platform-as-a-Service
  2. CenturyLink Cloud Supports the BOSH Tool Chain for Cloud Foundry Deployments
  3. January’s Cloud Foundry Advisory Board Meeting
  4. Docker Received $15 M in Series B Funding
  5. Microsoft’s Windows Azure Updates
  6. OpenShift Origin Now Supports CentOS
  7. CloudMunch Expanded Their DevOps Platform to Windows Azure
  8. Apprenda 5.0: Support for Java and Oracle
  9. Jelastic PaaS Integrates with the SendGrid E-mail Infrastructure
  10. Mendix Raised $25 Million in Funding


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