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Using Spark Streaming, Apache Kafka, and Object Storage for Stream Processing on Bluemix

Ilya Drabenia


One of the key points in the Industrial Internet is stream data processing. Equipment fault monitoring, predictive maintenance, or real-time diagnostics are only a few of the possible use cases. Some of the services provided by IBM Bluemix enable you to significantly speed up the implementation of such use cases. With Bluemix, you are not required to deploy and configure Hadoop, Apache Kafka, or other big data tools. It allows you to launch service instances in a few clicks.

In this article, we explain how to integrate and use the most popular open-source tools for stream processing. We explore IBM Message Hub (for collecting streams), the Apache Spark service (for processing events), and IBM Object Storage (for storing results).



Using IBM Analytics for Apache Spark in Java/Scala Apps on Bluemix

Siarhei Sidarau


Apache Spark is an open-source engine for large-scale data processing. In Bluemix, you can access it via the integrated interface called IBM Analytics for Apache Spark. Using a Scala-based starter as an example, this article demonstrates how to interact with the service through Jupiter Notebook and the spark-submit.sh script.



Deploying a Rails 5 App with MongoDB, Redis, and CarrierWave to IBM Bluemix

Nick Herman


In this post, we show how to deploy a Rails 5 application with MongoDB as a database and CarrierWave for image processing to Bluemix. The source code for the article is available here.


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