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Deploying Cloud Foundry in a Single Click with Juju Charms

Aliaksandr Prysmakou

Up until recently, BOSH has been pretty much the only tool chain for deployment of Cloud Foundry. We love BOSH for its visionary approach towards managing life cycle of clustered systems, flexibility and a distro-agnostic approach to Linux. Yet, it could be quite difficult to deploy BOSH/with BOSH. Yes, despite all its beauty, BOSH has a learning curve, and you certainly need to know its key concepts and internals to be productive. Bottom line, it takes quite a few manual steps to bring all Cloud Foundry components into a single working deployment using BOSH.

To grow the Cloud Foundry community, Altoros, Canonical, and Pivotal joined their efforts to deliver an alternative deployment tool, which would reduce complexity of Cloud Foundry deployment and decrease the number of steps. This solution is based on Juju, a service orchestration tool by Canonical.

In this article, I am going to show you how to deploy the Cloud Foundry PaaS using Juju Charms for Cloud Foundry, a joint project of Altoros, Canonical, and Pivotal.


Deploying the Discourse Discussion Platform with Juju Service Orchestration

Pavel Pachkovskij

With over 100 services ready to deploy, Juju allows for building public/private environments and managing them with only a few commands. You can select a ready system component (called charm) from a special store and start combining the elements to create an environment that you need. However, what can be done if you need a solution that is not available in the store? The guys from Altoros created a Rack charm for Juju that simplifies installation of RoR and Sinatra applications to cloud platforms supported by Juju. In this blog post, I’ll give you a guide on how to deploy Discourse, a next-generation platform for community discussions, using Juju and the Rack charm. To get started, you will need a configured and successfully bootstrapped Juju environment. You can learn how to do it here. Read the full article on my GitHub page to find out how to add Discourse to your Juju admin console.

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