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Creating Your First Serverless App with AWS Lambda and the Serverless Framework

Ilya Drabenia


Serverless architectures are one of the newest trends in computing that brings reduced infrastructure and development costs to the table. According to this approach, an application is split into multiple functions with each of them deployed separately.

Here, we demonstrate how to create a serverless application and deploy it to AWS Lambda, as well as explain some of the architecture basics.


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Analyzing Customer Feedback Emotions with IBM Watson and Bluemix OpenWhisk

Victoria Fedzkovich


Natural language processing and machine learning enable IBM Watson to derive insights from various types of digital communication. For example, its text analysis services can help users to understand the sentiment and concepts of content, get personality characteristics of individuals based on textual information, or develop human-like conversations with virtual agents.

Detecting the tone of customer messages—whether they are text or audio—is also among the many possible scenarios of employing Watson. For a hands-on session on a Bluemix day at the IBM Finland office, we prepared a microservice-based app that analyzes text and provides emotion scores for customer feedback. This post shares the details on how the app was implemented using several Bluemix services and reveals some lessons learned.


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IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk 101: Developing a Microservice

Alexander Sologub


IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk is an event-driven compute platform that enables developers to build chains of scalable microservices. It executes application logic in response to events or through direct invocations.

Here, we provided an overview of OpenWhisk architecture and components. This post shows how to develop a simple JavaScript application and deploy it to OpenWhisk. You can also learn about Docker integration.



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