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Using Predix Time Series in a Spring Boot App

Pavel Orda


User Account and Authentication (UAA) is an identity management service in Cloud Foundry, used as an OAuth2 provider by the GE Predix platform. Being responsible for managing timed measurements, Time Series, in its turn, enables to efficiently and concurrently store data, as well as quickly retrieve it.

This post explains how to configure both services and to start using them in a sample Spring Boot app having two controllers (for querying and ingesting data).



Industrial Internet: Numbers, Challenges, Collaboration, and Predix in Between

Sophie Turol


According to Cisco, IoT will increase private sector profits by 21% and add $19 trillion to the global economy by 2020. At the recent Houston Predix meetup, the attendees were plunged into a brief overview of the Industrial Internet (IIoT) market.

A number of the common challenges faced by the companies from different industry domains were explored, as well as the ways to solve them. Some figures were also revealed, demonstrating how Industrial Internet technologies help to cut down on costs, decrease the crime rate, improve transportation experience, etc.


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How to Overcome the Challenges of IoT with Predix

Sophie Turol

predix-milwaukee-meetupGartner estimates that 20.8 billion connected devices will be in use worldwide by 2020. Approximately 5.5 million new “things” are get connected every day. So, IoT can be a real pain.

A recent Milwaukee Predix meetup focused on the challenges IoT brings along and how relying on a platform like Predix can help to solve them. From this blog post, you will also find out what the portability concerns are, when migrating apps to a platform.

Watch the videos below for more details.


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How GE Predix Is Different and What It Brings to Healthcare

Sophie Turol


Predix has all the chances to become number one platform for the industrial internet and Internet of Things. Incorporating best practices of Cloud Foundry, it offers services that aim at simplifying development and accelerating app delivery.

Below are the videos from Chicago Predix meetup—organized and sponsored by Altoros on April 12, 2016.


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IoT Prototype: Light Monitoring with NodeRED Components in Predix

Ilya Drabenia

GE-Predix-Industrial-Lighting-MonitorNodeRED is an open source IoT tool that helps to reduce development efforts when working with hardware, APIs, and services. However, how long exactly would it take to build something tangible? What if we used it with a PaaS?

Our team has created some NodeRED components for GE Predix when working on a prototype for a light monitoring system. Here is a detailed account of the project, including its source code, data flow, hardware details, etc.


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Collecting Time Series Data with Predix (a Golang API Wrapper Included)

Stas Turlo


In this post, we show how to work with the Predix Time Series API using our Go library. We’ve created the wrapper to provide a more convenient way to interact with the Time Series service from Go: successful API queries return native Go structs that can be used immediately, with no need for type assertions.


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Sinatra Starter for Predix: Ruby App with PostgreSQL and Redis

Dmitry Savitski


The technical requirements for the Internet of Things (IoT) server applications can substantially differ from the ones applied to the Internet of Humans. First of all, the need for any visual interfaces is completely eliminated.

These step-by-step instructions are intended to guide you through the process of starting a basic Ruby/Sinatra application server on Predix, General Electric’s IoT platform for the Industrial Internet. From the post, you can learn how to deploy the application to Predix as well as configure the PostgreSQL database and Redis.


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Using Predix Mobile Services to Create a Cross-Platform App

Igor Razhnov


This post introduces developers to Predix services. The scenario for the article includes preparing a simple cross-platform application based on the Cordova technology as well as interacting with Predix Mobile services. We also want to see if there any restrictions for using Predix Mobile services in a hybrid application.



Deploying an ASP.NET Application to GE Predix

Eugene Lahansky


Predix is a Cloud Foundry-based PaaS for the Industrial Internet from GE. It offers developers a wide choice of programming languages and services. This tutorial guides you through the process of preparing a simple ASP.NET application for Predix and then pushing it to the platform.



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