Helping RightScale to Develop the Leading Cloud Management Platform

Ekaterina Vasilega

RightScale is a system that automates the management of hybrid/multi-cloud infrastructures.

Last year, during May 9–13, our teammates participated in the regular RightScale Employee Meetup. The event was held in Santa Barbara, CA, to bring together all members of the RightScale’s international team. Together with other RightScalers, Altoros team enjoyed informal meetings and presentations, while having a chance to speak in front of the community.

The guys have been working in California to help RightScale develop and enhance its Cloud Computing Management Platform, the project that empowers thousands of cloud deployments.

Vitaly Sedelnik, Lead Cloud Solutions Engineer at Altoros, is one of the global RightScale team members. Working as a ServerTemplates Engineer, he also promotes the use of the RightScale Cloud Platform Management System at various event.

Vitaly Sedelnik at the Cloud Dev Meetup in Minsk (Belarus), July 30, 2011

The engineers from Altoros helped RightScale to create their MultiCloud marketplace and ServerTemplates that now make working with the system so easy. If you want to learn more about the platform, this blog post describes the “3 Quick Wins for Cloud Computing” that RightScale brings: configuration automation, monitoring and alerting, auto-scaling architectures.


The post was written by Ekaterina Vasilega and edited by Alex Khizhniak.

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