The First Meeting of the Belarus Java User Group Featured Speakers from MySQL AB

Alex Khizhniak

The first meeting of the Belarus Java User Group was held on February 7, 2008, at the Belarusian State University in Minsk, Belarus (Eastern Europe). Speakers from MySQL, the world’s most popular open source database vendor, conducted the presentations on MySQL’s Connector/J for Java, MySQL cluster, and MySQL replication.

62 Java developers were able to attend the conference, while the organizers received more than 120 registrations. Altoros, a global software delivery acceleration specialist, and Apatar, a provider of open-source tools for data integration, were proud to organize the event.

MySQL Altoros

Brief report

Alexander Nozdrin, Software Developer (MySQL AB), kicked off the conference at 5.45 pm with a demonstration, which showed how to gain access to MySQL databases from Java using the Connector/J driver, and which described a number of methods for providing performance tuning. Mr. Nozdrin also spoke about scalability and architecture problems.

After that, Serge Kozlov, QA Developer, MySQL, delivered an energetic presentation on MySQL cluster, which contained a detailed report on MySQL replication. The presentation was so well-received that Mr. Kozlov was held over his allotted time by the numerous questions presented by his intrigued audience.

Presentations at the conference were an hour-long, followed by 15 minutes of Q&A sessions during coffee breaks. The conference was over at 9 pm, which also marked the beginning of the after-party held at a popular Minsk coffee bar.

Pictures from the conference sessions are available here.

Presentation links

1. “MySQL in the Java/J2EE Application Development Lifecycle”
Speaker: Alexander Nozdrin, Software Developer, MySQL AB, Moscow, Russia

2. “An Overview of MySQL Cluster and Replication”
Speaker: Serge Kozlov, QA Developer, MySQL AB, Moscow, Russia
(Original content by Stewart Smith, Software Developer, MySQL AB, Cluster team, Melbourne)
(Original content by Dr. Lars Thalmann, MySQL AB)

Featured quotes

“We didn’t expect such a great amount of attendee submissions and were pleasantly surprised,” said Alex Khizhnyak, the chairman and co-founder of the Belarus Java User Group. “It shows that there is a strong interest in the activity of the Java community in Belarus. We do hope to go further and make our JUG meetings a regular thing. I would also like to thank our colleagues from MySQL for taking the time to visit Minsk, and for their brilliant presentations and interaction with the audience.”

“In my opinion, the first conference of the Belarus Java User Group was a success,” added Serge Kozlov, QA Developer (MySQL AB), one of the keynote speakers. “We appreciate how user group meetings like that contribute to community growth and strong relations within it. Communication is also of great importance to us, MySQL’s developers, therefore it was essential to get the feedback and learn more about the interests of MySQL users. We would like to wish Belarus Java User Group success in organizing future conferences and are looking forward to coming to Minsk once again.”

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