TensorFlow Overview and Fireside Chat (Washington, DC, Meetup)

Sophie Turol


Below are the videos from the TensorFlow Wachington DC meetup—sponsored and organized by Altoros on March 9, 2016.


Talk #1: TensorFlow overview

In her session, Saba Shah of FAM Global talked about TensorFlow features, mechanics, and basic usage, overviewed TensorBoard as a means of visualizing learning, highlighted what the tool brings to the table and how it’s going to evolve in the future, etc.




Fireside chat

At the end of the meetup, Alexander Boxer of Areté Associates, Jim Burke of TASC, and Saba Shah discussed what bottlenecks prevent us from accelerating app development by 10 times and how to get people motivated to solve them, how machine learning is applied in Healthcare, as well as answered some questions from the audience.


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